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The thing you should know about language skills are divided into receptive and productive skills. The receptive skills involved listening and reading. Both of them are internalized by learners automatically and no need to be produced by the language learners. In addition, it is called as receptive skills “Because learners do not need to produce language to do these, they receive and understand it. These skills are sometimes known as passive skills” (source: In contrast, the productive skills included speaking and writing skills. It is called as productive skills because learners need to produce the language in a form of written or spoken skills.

                      The question is, which one should be the most important to master? Receptive skills or productive skills? Of course, most people will answer the productive one. Relating to this, you have to know first that language learners always begin to receive all the things about their target language before they could produce the language. The impossible thing happen if you would master English but you do not pay attention to the receptive skills (listening and reading) first. Hence, it should be stated that no matter the skills are, all of them are equally essential to be mastered.

                      “How if I could not comprehend what speakers says to me?”. It is just a matter of frequency. The more you listen to English whether it is in a form of music, movie, or any other literature in English, your listening ability will improve automatically. That is only one possible way could be practiced instead of so many tips and tricks to improve your listening skills in English.

                    Then, “How to improve my reading ability in English text?”. Reading is the most challenging activity if you are not accustom to do it and love it. Although, by reading a lot, your vocabularies will increase more. You can try to read a genre of book you like. It could be about a novel of love, comedy, poem, or short story.

                      If someone could understand well about what the English speakers say but he/she still have the difficulty in speaking, how to overcome it? You can practice a lot whether it is with your partner or by yourself if you are still shy to get a partner to speak English. You can speak by yourself in front of your mirror 5 minutes minimally in a day. Treat yourself daily and you will see that your confidence will increase automatically.

                      The last common problem that English learners always face is about the ability of writing. This is the hardest skills to be mastered because you have to pay attention with the dictions, grammar, punctuation, and the coherence of one sentence to another. If you are lazy to read, your grammar or your writing skills will not be improved. You can start to write something you like or you may write what you have done in a day. Just try to learn and improve your English skills in a fun way. Therefore, let’s come together and start to learn English with very cheerful activity! Have a great day!

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